Professional Workplace Dilemma Paper

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Professional Workplace Dilemma PaperDuring my employment at Chicago Title, I spent many years processing real estate title closings, prepping the necessary documents for closing and extending customer satisfaction. I really enjoyed helping individuals purchase new homes, learning continually each day and putting forth my best effort in everything I did as an escrow closer. In my opinion, having a dedicated attitude brings positive synergy and for that reason alone I put everything into my job responsibilities. I looked at in the perspective that everyone involved wins; the company gets to grow and profit and hopefully I get noticed for merit raises and career advancements. Aside from all the perks I know I am gaining personal satisfaction for doing the best that I can to make a difference. What that being said, I was once asked to compromise my job simply because my work attitude was misconstrued.

When I approach any situation I always try to learn and gather as much knowledge about everything involved.

I will go the extra mile to ensure I know what I am doing which often results in learning more then what is expected of the job description. For example, during the majority of my employment at Chicago Title I would always make the extra effort to study the aspects of the searching and examining policies of the title commitment that established the nature and background of the escrow closing. The information was enjoyable and quite interesting while at the same time helped to define the reasons behind the policies and practice of my job responsibilities. My eagerness to learn resulted in a promotion to a lead closing position. My supervisor had discovered that I had a knack for learning. My supervisor also discovered my love for advertising and that I was pursing my marketing...