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Narrative of Findings

Based on my research there are many documents that are needed in a job search. You must do research on the company that you want to work for in order to complete these documents correctly. Also you must take the right marketing avenues in order to reach this job you would like to work for.

To begin, you will need some types of documents in order to apply for a job the correct way and have a high change of getting an interview with this target employer. You will need a good resume and reference page without any mistakes or errors on it. You should have your resume updated and ready for this employer. You should also have a cover letter prepared for this employer that states why you are applying for this position and what you know about the company and how you could help to make this company a bigger asset by hiring you.

If you get this interview you should be able to create a successful thank you letter to send over to the person that interviewed you thanking them for their time and again explaining why you would be a good asset for their company.

To complete these documents you must do research on the company and the job you would like to apply for so you can successfully create these documents aimed at the target employer and job description you want. You should be looking up research on the company's goals, missions, history of the company and a specific job description that you would like to apply for. Once you obtain this research and you have the job description you should be paying attention to the job qualifications, what they are looking for in a candidate for this certain position and the...