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Profile: psy 101 Name: Jenna Salmers Hometown: Born in Buffalo NY, I have lived in its various suburbs over the years such as Tonawanda, Kenmore, Hamburg, Depew, I also lived in Orlando and Cocoa Beach Florida for about a year. I now live in cheektowaga NY I've lived there for about a year.

Family: A 87 year old grandmother who raised me. My six year old daughter Kendall.

Educational background: I received a G.E.D. In 1995,the year I would have graduated. Then I attended Erie Community College in1996-early1998. I was a Criminal Justice/Liberal Arts major enrolled in the honor's curriculum. I also attended the Canisus College ARMY R.O.T.C. program however; I did not complete my degree.

Current extracurricular activities: Sleep zzzz. Seriously I really don't have time for any. I work full time and I am a single mom. Now with school ;well it doesn't leave much room for any thing.

Current community activities: None at this time.

Current short-term goals: To make time for my daughter, find a better job, lose a few pounds this month and maintain good grades in my classes.

Long-term goals: To receive a two year degree and transfer to a four year school for a b.s. Then of course begin a productive career. Also just to learn about as many things as possible and to raise my daughter as a moral well-adjusted individual.

Most significant influences in my life: Jesus Christ, my Grandmother who raised me and made me who I am today. My daughter Kendall who definitely gives me the drive to succeed.

Personal achievements: A six year relationship with my first love. I have managed to maintain my own apartment for two years. And four years at the restaurant I work for(Cracker Barrel).

Special interests: Web design, drawing and painting, computer...