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Program of Excellence The program of excellence is a program that deals with the development of Canadian hockey players. Canadian hockey has undergone a massive make over within the past 15 years and that is partly due to the effects that the program of excellence has had on Canadian hockey. The program targets all ages of Canadian hockey players. There is an under 17 training camp, along with an under 18 training camp that can lead to the involvement of these players into our World Junior rosters and as well as our Olympic teams.

The Canadian Hockey Association the national sport governing body responsible for hockey in Canada established the Program of Excellence in 1981. The idea sprung upon us, after a 1981 International tournament in which Canada has participated in and finished out of the medal standings. Disappointed Canadian citizens believed and thought that Canada should "pull up their socks" and evaluate their current National Hockey Program.

The program developed was to identify the top calibre hockey players in specific age categories and to provide these players with an opportunity to participate against international competition in preparation for the World Championships and the Olympic Games. The Program of Excellence regroups the Men's National Team, the Women's National Team, the Men's National Junior Team, the Men's National Under 18 Team and the Men's Regional Under 17 Teams.

By participating in the Program of Excellence players are exposed to high calibre coaching and training methods designed to better prepare our national teams to compete against the top teams in the world.

The Program of Excellence has created a process through which potential candidates for regional and national teams participating in International competitions can be selected. To achieve the objectives of the Program the collective resources of Canadian Hockey and all other...