IT Project Portfolio Management– Huffman Trucking

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IT Project Portfolio Management- Huffman Trucking

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IT Project Portfolio Management- Huffman Trucking

The purpose of a project portfolio is to establish a priority matrix that can be used to oversee and monitor projects. The portfolio enables managers to monitor all projects progress, development, resources, and general company commitment. Making sure that all projects run under a universal company project management approach in the portfolio ensures that project are looked at equally and judged or graded on their individual merits. Projects should be weighted to ensure proper amounts of energy and resources are allocated to each project. The method to achieve this is called Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Current Projects

Huffman Trucking currently has a number of projects under investigation that need to be graded to ensure proper attention, funding, time, and resources is given to each appropriately.

The current projects under investigation at Huffman Trucking are

The use of Fleet Tracking Systems across the operations

The deployment of an ERP System, linking Customers sales order, tracking services, bill of lading signatures, preventative maintenance and overhaul, human resources, driver scheduling, general ledger, A/P, A/R, and other accounting and reporting functions.

Implementation of a warehousing/local JIT (just in time) delivery service.

Upgrading equipment in the California office and plant

Upgrading equipment in the Missouri office and plant

Upgrading equipment in the New Jersey office and plant

Upgrading equipment in the Ohio office and plant

These projects require organization and grading that will enable Huffman to allocate resources correctly. These project need to be placed in a portfolio and be managed.

First PPM Method

Huffman does not have unlimited resources. In a white paper by (?), a process called the Optimal Project Portfolio...