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VTech Communications, Inc. is a Structured Cabling and Business Telephone Systems Company located in Irvine, CA. VTech Communications has been in business since 1986 and is committed to providing quality service and expertise to its customers. This dedication and focus has propelled VTech Communications as a leader in its industry, and has aided in the retention of customers and helped gain new ones over their many years in business.

Although successful and a leader in its industry, VTech Communications has neglected to update their internal business process over the years. The current process is time consuming and inefficient, and does not make good use of the resources that modern technology provides. The current process involves a lot of paper work and does not allow for up to the minute changes to work orders made by the customer after the technicians have been dispatched for the day. The office staff at VTech Communications has received an increasing number of customer complaints over the past couple of years, and they continue to increase as time passes.

The complaints consist of forgotten change orders that were made by phone and not written on the work order and customers not having updates on repairs because the technician does not return to the office until the end of day. If the technician completes a repair in the morning but does not return to the office until the afternoon, the office staff is not able to give the customer an update if they call before the end of the day.

The solution will consist of the implementation of a process that allows the office staff to change work orders or service requests if the customer calls at the last minute. These changes will be updated immediately on the work order and transferred electronically to the...