Pros of the Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy

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My topic was about the pro’s of the overthrow of the monarchy. A few of the reasons why the overthrow of the monarchy was good was because Hawaii started to become multi-cultural . Being multi-cultural can be looked upon as good if you see it as a way to diversify our cultures. Not to many states are as diversified as Hawaii which is special, some people are only one race like me but a lot of people here are a combination of many different ethnicities like Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian, Samoan, black, and white this combination of all the ethnicities is what makes the people here that live in Hawaii unique.

Another reason why the overthrow of the monarchy was good was because it ultimately it led up to the annexation of Hawaii to the US. When we became a U.S. territory Hawaii improved. Hawaii gained a sewer system, great fortunes were made by the industry people like the sugar and pineapple plantation owners, and also the real estate business boomed.

A very important thing that happen when we became the 50th state of the U.S. was that America extended the bill of rights which gave women the right to vote. Before in the monarchy only 21 year old white male that could read and write English could vote. This gave women and men and the Hawaiian people more rights.

Another pro of what the overthrow of the monarchy is that now there was not only one ruler. Instead of it being only one ruler it became a democracy. Even thought the system of 1 dictator was working out so far the island of Hawaii was rapidly changing and only having one monarch would probably not have fit the need of all that was happening in the islands. There was the...