Prostitution in the Middle Ages

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Religion has a big impact in determining how people should behave and cause no troubles to the others. Education plays a big role in maintaining somehow a protection to the people, especially women. Prostitution has never been something that a country should be proud to have but it surely serves to give security to the well thought-of women in the Middle Ages and nowadays, too.

Religion and education have always had an influence on determining how people should behave and not cause t problems to the others. From the other side, religion and education have been influenced by other external factors such as politics and laws. As a result, the security of the people has changed its way of existence from time to time. Albania, after passing a period of communism based on an actual security to everybody, passed to democracy which eventually gave a lot more security to the people, especially women.

Prostitution, though is the most consistent factor, that gives security to the respectable women.

Education is important to determine the security of the people since it teaches to the people to behave; however it does not control the desires of perverts and criminals. People without any mental problem and totally educated would never be such a danger to the others. "It was accepted as fact that young men would seek out sexual relations regardless of their options, and thus prostitution served to protect "respectable" townswomen from seduction and even rape" (Richards, 125). Prostitution could take the attention of all the men and as a result it gave a higher security to the women which were actually not prostitutes. "In 1358, the Grand Council of Venice declared that prostitution was "absolutely indispensable to the world" (Richards, 125). Obviously, not everybody agreed to this decision.

In the Middle...