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Prototyping and Its Relation to Modern Systems Design and Development It is evident that prototyping is a valuable approach in the development of modern systems. The task of building such a system to manage and support business transactions can be complex, time consuming, and expensive. Breaking down this task into various stages can assist in the assurance of an effective, secure, and dependable system. It is also important to understand the connection between system design and prototyping and how they work together to enhance the likelihood of a successful system. (T2 Design and Prototyping ?The Invention Process? Internet. (2000) Aug. 2001.) This project will briefly cover the limitations of systems developers who used prototyping as a technique in the past, list circumstances were it would be wise to use prototyping, and how prototyping assists in the development process currently, through the use of automated tools.

· A Prototype is a small-scale, incomplete, but working model or sample of a desired system.

(Whitten, Jeffrey L., Bentley, Lonnie D., Dittman, Kevin C. Systems Analysis And Design Methods 5th Edition New York, New York: Irwin/ McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 2000.) · Prototyping is the act of building a small-scale, representative or working model of the users? requirements to discover or verify those requirements. (Whitten, Jeffrey L., Bentley, Lonnie D. Systems Analysis And Design Methods 4th Edition New York, New York: Irwin/ McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1998.) Past Development strategies and Introduction to currently used automated tools for input design and prototype.

In the recent past, the primary tools for input design were record layout charts and display layout charts. Today, this ?sketching? approach is not often practiced. It is a tedious process that is not conducive to today?s preferred prototyping and rapid application development strategies, which use automated tools to accelerate the...