The psychodynamics of organizational change in the work place

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Organizational changes are not something to direct, control or even manage. These are results of changes in the relationship between the people in the organization. If this relationship gets stuck, change will also get stuck.

The result of the growing recognition that changes cannot be imposed is the increases of desire of get the whole system in the room for facilitate organization changed. Approaches such as open space technology and future search mean that consultants, facilitators and other change agents are now dealing with larger groups of people in their change interventions. The different dynamic of the larger group requires new insights and approaches; or there are dangers of paralysis and disengagement which may causes the discrediting of the whole change process.

Change provoke is anxiety in most of us. Although in smaller groups, sometimes behave in surprise and disturbs, many people find it helps to postulate that this is the result of unconscious or out of awareness affect derives from the psyche of the individual who involved.

Especially focused on the anxieties are often engender in group and organizational environment. Melanie Klein has suggested some infantile mechanisms to deal with anxiety, that can applied in organizational theory and informs the practice. Her insight was derived from individual's analysis however, has been extended to cover the small group and also the larger group with more than a dozen or more.

Melanie Klein extended Freud's theories about the child's psychological development backwards in time to speculate about the infant's mental life. She argued that the first external object the new-born encounters in any sensible way is the mother's breast. As the satisfaction it gives, the breast is perceived as being 'good'. However, there are also times when the breast is not offered when required or is not able to satisfy the...