Psychology of the Aging People.

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Old people come in all shapes and sizes. What we do about old age will depend in part upon our education, our religion, our ethnic or national identity, our family, our past or present occupations, our fields of interest, and many other things.

I feel sister is dealing with aging very well. For being 90 years old, this sister has a lot of years to go. Of course, that is what she told me. I believe every word of it. All I had to do was ask her, what is aging all about, and she got on her high horse and kept talking about aging. She made it so easy for me to understand aging, that now I look forward to growing old gracefully. She was talking to me, not only about sisters in general, but of all the older generation. The prime time to think about old age, of course, is when you are old.

Old age often comes as a surprise. It creeps up and catches people unaware, often because we have deliberately not watched for it. It is not the kind of thing we can learn about from experience, because it happens only once in a lifetime. We know only what we have learned from watching old people, either in real life, or on television, and from reading about it in stories and articles.

Many people simply accept old age with all its disadvantages. We put up with the pains and losses and resign ourselves to suffer in silence. Others resent it, and protest it and do not do anything about it. As we grow older, many of us find the spiritual aspects of our lives becoming more important. As our consciousness of our own mortality increases, we ask ourselves the meaning of our lives and...