Psychology Assignment. Finding and analylysing a solution for a failing sweet factory department.

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Fab Sweets a Solution

Fab sweets is a sweet selling business suffering mainly due to the poor running of one of its areas the hard boiled sweets area (HB)

Obviously there are a lot of problems currently being experienced at Fab Sweets within the HB department and this is why the department has its low status throughout the rest of the company. There is not one solution to solve all of the problems as there are many aspects to consider such as Job design/redesign, Motivation, Stress and Stress management in the work place. The problems being encountered at Fab Sweets will be looked at and solutions to each problem will be offered however the main focus will be on a group of solutions to help the company with most of the major problems and offer the most realistic and achievable outcome.

Having looked at the case study it appears that the underlying problem at Fab Sweets is a lack of communication, team work and motivation.

All of these are closely linked together and lead to other problems within the department.

Many of the problems stem back to the factors mention in the previous paragraph and its felt amongst the group that the main response to combat the problems in HB would be to provide the shop floor workers with substantial autonomy in carrying out day-to-day production and packaging. The employees would have the responsibility of things such as task allocation, organising breaks, reaching production targets and finally meeting quality and hygiene standards. In effect it's felt that the staff should be responsible for the running of the department from the shop floor. This form of empowerment is likely to hold many benefits for the company such as Trust in management, organisational commitment, mental health and job satisfaction all of...