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Puritan Values The earliest settlers of North America were Puritans who were guided religiously by strict ministers. Puritans were different from the rest of the people in the world. They did not believe in fancy parties or plays nor did they spoiled their children or let them do whatever they wanted. Americans today have many of the qualities and values that translated from the Puritans from the past. Puritans liked the idea of being simple, self-reliable, religious and highly respected industriousness.

They liked to be simple. Puritans liked and wanted to have simple. They did not want to have any distraction in their community. They wanted their children to be occupied by reading the bible and studying it. They did not want their children to be distracted by play or any other exciting activities. They were very strict with their family and wanted to make the best out of themselves.

They also were self-reliable. At first when they arrived in North America, they had to build houses and colonies even cities later on when the population number expanded. They were self-reliable and they believed in a higher power that helped them in their redemption.

Also they were and acted with a as much possible saintly behavior, to show and demonstrate to themselves and other people around them that they were of "the elect" category.. They were very strict when it would come to following the writing in the Bible. They followed the bible in all as it was written strictly. Knowledge of Scripture and divinity, for the Puritans, was essential. They wanted to be as an example in the community. They tried to be good to the people around them so they can prove to them and themselves that they were "the elect", and they meant to be...