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Even though the God of the Puritans puts a heavy burden on them, they still have moments in their life where they live up to His expectations. The Puritans see the world as a place for pleasing God rather than wanting possessions. They not only revere the God they worship, but they expect a gift, such as life in the next world, from God.

In the Puritan’s eyes, God is thought to be mysterious who stays distant from them. Even though he doesn’t help them all the time, they reason that God wants them to fix things by themselves. God already chose the people who would go to heaven or hell, and each Puritan has no way of knowing which group they were in. Those who were wealthy were apparently blessed by God and were in good standing with Him. The Protestant work ethic was that hard work was an honor to God which would also lead them to a good life.

Since their work ethic made a huge impact in their society, they concluded that everyone was responsible for their own actions. When God is mentioned, He is portrayed as a spirit who is always on above everyone else. He is all powerful and all loving who wants the best from his people. One way the Puritans can live up to His expectations by doing good work explained in, “A Model of Christian Charity,” Question: What rule must we observe in forgiving (a debt)?Answer: Whether thou didst lend by way of commerce or in mercy, if he hath nothing to pay thee, thou must forgive, (except in cause where thou hast a surety or a lawful pledge). Deut. 15:1-2This can be done by just following rules and laws which not only helps your soul, but also your...