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Jessica young I am going to write about being recpectful. I believe very kid should be respectful to their elders and people a lot younger. But kids in my gernation is ruinning everything. Kids should be able to respect someone with out getting paid. Kids should be respectful to their elders because it will show the little kids that being nive to their elders is the right the right thing to do. Kids should be really respectful to their elders because what if when kids need help with something and their elders isnt going to do anything for them. So Kids our generation should respect your elders.Elderly people are now who you will one day become. Respecting their wisdom, knowledge, grace and fortitude should come second nature to younger generations but it isn't always the case. Sometimes we need reminding of why it is so important to respect our elders for what they have to impart to us that will help ease our journey through life.

They should always be respected like you want them to respect you. Kids in our generation should be able to respect someone with out getting paid at all. Respect should just happen. YOu shouldnt be getting paid for respecting someone if you are getting paid you are ridiculous. Often when people say children should "respect their elders", they actually mean children should obey their elders and be polite. I do think children should be taught to be polite to their elders and, in situations where politeness does not seem deserved, they should seek help from adults they do respect. For example, we always told our daughter to obey her teachers unless she felt, really felt, that she was being asked to do something wrong. Kids these days are ruining our world because...