Purple People Eater is a fun and creative writing exercise. A short story with only having 12 sentences were the guidelines.

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1. Once upon a time in a place of miracles, magic, and mystery lived Kate, Andrew, and Jared. 2. Every evening just before it got dark, the three close friends would march up to the top of the tallest and largest hill around to watch the sun slowly sink beneath the landscape.

3. One night, however, it seemed that it got dark a little too soon, and for some strange reason, the air was heaving with a sense of eeriness. 4. The march led to a walk, the walk led to a stroll, and the stroll soon became a creep when they heard a hoooooot-hoooooot come from nearby. 5. It was just moments later when a sudden rustle in the bushes had startled all three of them. 6. Then, all of the sudden, Kate, Andrew, and Jared came to a sharp halt when out jumped a flying purple people eater! 7.

Kate tripped over a rock and fell backwards crashing to the ground while Andrew just stood as stiff as a board with his jaw dropped to his feet. 8. Jared had realized it was up to him to save himself and his friends, and he knew what he had to do.

9. Jared quickly searched and dug deep into his backpack and finally pulls out a flying purple people eater net. 10. The beast looks as if it had seen a ghost and it quickly flies away. 11.As Kate pulls herself up off of the ground, Jared tries to snap Andrew out of it. 12. That was when the three close friends decided to call it a night, and head back to camp.