Pursuit of Happiness

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1.4 Personal Response Presentation Planning

Text chosen: Pursuit of HappinessFilm

Thesis: The Pursuit of Happiness, shows the idea of life as a journey. Accomplishing something is a joy but it isn't the goal. The real joy and happiness someone receives is by the efforts that takes them to achieve that accomplishment.

Brief outline:

Never give up, unless you try

You can achieve anything you want if you try hard enough and don't let yourself down even when times get bad.

Follow your dreams.

Life has many ups and downs, but giving up after one bad thing isn't going to help you become one step closer in accomplishing what you want.

The quotes below are said by the main character that have a positive meaning behind them.

Impact of words: The quotes listed below have a impact of my life. The word usage put together to make that quote encourages me to keep trying and work harder each time, no matter how bad things get.

An individual has to face lots of ups and downs in life like the main character in the movie for example, but he never gave up nor did he ever tell his son. Words carry enormous weight whether it is said from a movie, story or a person. We sometimes don't realize that words said by us can impact and sometimes be the reason to give up. Some people in the movie weren't very encouraging and said very hurtful things, but the main character stayed strong and didn't let those words get to him. He stayed true to himself and never stopped believing that he can achieve something one day.

Important Quotes:

"Don't ever let somebody tell you, you can't do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it.