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Values Based Leadership Leadership at Nokia is firmly grounded in the four Nokia Values; the organization's culture and leadership development activities flow from them. The Nokia management style requires "leadership at all levels" "“ not just at the top of the organization. Our approach to leadership development focuses on action learning "“ not only knowing the theory, but putting it into practice and reviewing the results to reinforce learning across teams. This reinforces one of our principal values, continuous learning, which helps us renew our capabilities and ensure our competitiveness in changing market conditions. The Values provide a solid context in which Nokia´s people conduct their daily business. They are introduced first as part of employee induction and reinforced in communication and development activities. These Values are also reflected in the dimensions of our approach to customers through our brand identity.

Leadership and the Nokia Way The Nokia Way is a term used throughout the organization.

It refers to a total way of managing the company, based on the Nokia Values. Much of the market environment is unpredictable. To overcome this, we developed the Nokia Way, which has been at the core of our business for the past decade. Our way of managing is based on a leadership style, which draws on the Nokia Values and derives certain competencies from those Values. The major 'Nokia Way events' which most people take part in are those related to strategy communication.

FIGURE 2.1.2 FIGURE 1.3.

Leadership, Quality and Excellence This model is used by Nokia as the platform for approach to quality and excellence. In 1997, Nokia made the assessment that their emphasis on the Values was strong enough to refocus more on fact based management. The aim was to shift the quality strategy towards a greater emphasis on fact...