Queen Amidala

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The distinctive makeup worn by Queen Amidala not only creates a dramatic, regal appearance-it also has historical and political importance. The makeup is highly symbolic to the people and Monarchy of Naboo, and to Amidala herself. The red mark in the centre of her bottom lip is the Scar of Separation, representing a time when Naboo was in deep turmoil. The red dots on either cheek represent the harmony and balance that was eventually brought to the planet. Queen Amidala also has each thumbnail painted white. This is a tradition from her home village, and keeps her mindful of her family and her own personal history. Secondly, the makeup's mask-like qualities disguise Amidala's features so that without it she is able to pass unrecognised as handmaiden Padmé, while decoy and highly-trained bodygaurd Sabé wears the royal makeup and appears to all who see her to be the real Queen.

This gives Amidala a certain amount of personal freedom and, as a potential political target, protects her when in potentially dangerous situations.

Makeup Supervisor Paul Engelen based Queen Amidala's makeup on the traditional, beautiful style of Japanese Kabuki theatre. With it's elements of drama and disguise, this highly stylised makeup was perfect as a basis for Amidala's look. George Lucas' backstory of Naboo's troubled history provided the inspiration for the red cheek dots and lower lip markings.

Although Amidala's look is extreme, the products used to create it were mainly everyday items from well known cosmetic companies. The base was created with the RCMA (Research Council of Makeup Artists) shade Ivory, then set with Chanel Poudre Lumière Pressé. Givenchy Eyeshadow Prism in Topaze was used on her eyes, with the palest shade highlighting the browbone, taupe on the eyelids and the darkest brown smudged along the lashline. Eyelashes were coated with Lancôme Elencils mascara in black. Finally, Nars lip pencil in shade Fire Down Below was used on the cheeks and lips.

Chief Hair Stylist Sue Love supervised Queen Amidala's magnificent hairstyles and headdresses. Most of the hairstyles were created using hairpieces, expertly matched with Natalie Portman's own hair. The headdresses, described in detail with the pictures below, ranged in style from Mongolian to Medieval European, complementing beautifully Trisha Biggar's exquisite gowns.