Queen Isabella

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Queen Isabella

Queen Isabella Live in medieval times, or in, 'The Dark Ages,' as some referred to

it. She lived in a time when the majority of the population was catholic, and she

did her best to see to it that those who weren't a part of that majority, became a


The queen was born on April 22, 1451. She was born in Madrigal, Castile,

which is why she later became know as Queen Isabella of Castile. Her father was

John II of Castile and her mother was Isabella of Portugal.

Her marriage was a politically arranged marriage. What I mean by this is

that it wasn't a marriage where guy meets girl and they fall in love, it means that

they were wedded for certain political reasons, sometimes against their will.

Isabella was fortunate enough to actually fall in love with her husband, many

politically arranged marriages where arranged by the couple's father, and married

against there will because they could not stand one another.

This was not the case

in queen Isabella's situation. She was married to Ferdinand II of Argon in October

of 1469 in Segovia. Their marriage was intended to unify the two countries,

Castile and Argon. The odd part about this was that Isabella almost forfeited her

rights to the throne by marrying Ferdinand.

It all started when Louis XI of France, a very clever king, made separate

treaties with both Castile and Argon in hope of someday gaining control of a place

called Catalonia. Louis realized that Isabella was going to become heir to the

throne and so if she married Ferdinand, the rulers of the two countries that he

made treaties with might join forces against him. Not only that, but they might

destroy his dream of taking over Catalonia.