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Mr. Zaki Said David Copperfield (5th Prim) 1

Chapter (1)


Answer the following questions:

1) Why was Miss Betsey disappointed when David was born? What was her reaction?

Aunt Betsy expected the baby to be a girl as her attitude towards males was

a bit harsh. This was because of the problems she had had with her husband when she

was married as he treated her badly so she seemed to feel that all men were wicked or

silly, and that they made women's lives difficult, that's why she couldn't bear and left

David's house immediately after his birth.

2) Clara, David and Peggotty were left all alone; they lived such a happy life. Discuss

Clara, David and Peggotty lived most of their life together and were happy. In the

evening Clara and Peggotty would chat by the fire and would often sing or read to David.

Then they would rock him in their arms and kiss him warmly. On Sundays, they would walk

to the nearby church, and visit his father's grave. Knowing that he was close by made David

feel safe. Those sweet moments will remain in David's heart forever.

3) Why did Peggotty take David to visit her brother?

Peggotty took David to visit her brother for a few weeks in Yarmouth because Mr.

Murdstone and David's mother were getting married.

Comment on the following quotations:

1) "A man must have a firm hand shake if he wants to get anywhere in the world."

Mr. Murdstone said these words to David when they met each other for the first time at

the church then Mr. Murdstone visited David's mother at home and stayed a little longer each

time and David was jealous.

- These words show that Mr. Murdstone was a harsh man.

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