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Benjamin Bussiere

Professor Michael Bove

Intro. To Literature

27th September 2014

The Quintessential Poet

According to Robert Frost "Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found its words" (brainyquote.com). Robert Frost is known for his beautiful poetry and depictions of rural American life. A multitude of individuals call Robert Frost the quintessential poet. But we have to ask ourselves what makes a poet quintessential.

A great poet can accomplish a few things using their poetry. Beautiful poems should be defined by the ability to induce some emotional reaction and create vivid images in the reader's mind. The perfect poet should also use colloquial and accurate words in which the reader can understand. Also the poet should engage the reader actively and have a general theme. Robert Frost through his traditional style, colloquial speech, and beautiful and vivid depictions of nature has earned him a position as a quintessential American poet.

Moreover, Frost utilizes his words to depict beautiful depictions of rural New England life. In the poem "Stopping by the Woods" Robert Frost writes "The woods are lovely dark and deep. But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep" (Frost). Because of his words he paints a picture in the mind of his reader. This poem and passage paints a picture of a man wandering through the woods at night and observing natural beauty. As the snow falls down and encompasses the woods the man becomes infatuated with the beauty of nature just like we do as well.

Moreover, except from depicting the "lovely dark" of the woods he also paints a picture with his words of the landscape. In the poem "The Most of It" by Frost he writes "From some tree hidden cliff from across the lake.