Racial Descrimination: Being Muslim in a Post 9/11 America

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This is a hard time to be a Muslim in America. Furthermore, all around the world where Muslims represent either a majority or a significant minority of any nation's population, they are in conflict with the governments that govern those nations. This can be a direct result of the violent nature of the Muslim religion. Americans however have taken it too far, and have become racist. They are slowly beginning to take away the rights and freedoms of people with Arab-decent, which all human beings are entitled too.

It is always unfair to label an entire group of people because of their faith, nationality or race. I am sure there are plenty of American Muslims who love their nation just as much as any other Christian or Jewish American does. I am sure there are Muslims who look upon al Queda and similar Islamic terrorist groups with disgust, just as most other Americans do.

However, after the attacks on America, on September 11, 2001, by the Muslim terrorist groups, Americans have labeled all Muslims as terrorists, and as if they intend to cause harm against them and the world's most powerful nation. American society has become racist towards Muslims. Muslims now dread the idea of entering an airport or crossing the border, simply because they know they will be thoroughly questioned unfairly because they have a foreign accent, wear a turban or have a beard.

This racism is also due to the fact that Americans are uneducated about minority religions that reside in their nation. The American media displays pictures of terrorists as men wearing turbans. Americans automatically believe that all those who are proud enough and not ashamed of their religion and do wear a turban are terrorists.

This was the case in an incident that occurred not long...