Racial identity

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The decades of dehumanization endured by blacks as a result of the transatlantic slave trade, people of African descent are often confronted with issues concerning our true identity. This concern has caused us to engage in behavior ranging from the most constructive, progressive, etc to its complete opposite. Through it all, we have endured and are coming to terms with our past, not only of slavery/post slavery, but also the majestic dynastic periods such as the Egyptian, Ethiopian and Moorish dynasties.

When the clouds of history lifted, the period after slavery was abolished, primarily the era of growth and industrialization, what remained of the descendants of Africa are a people in dire need. The nations that enslaved/dehumanized us did very little to make us whole, so we were forced to play the dual role of both psychiatrist and patient in coming to terms with our true identity.

What does it mean to be a black person became a very profound question? In an attempt to answer, a black person is one who first and foremost considers or recognizes his or her true racial identity.

In addition, if of a mixed race (for the purpose of this essay, a person of a mixed race is one who has black as a part of his or her racial makeup), the person should identify with the challenges and the benefits afforded the black race in every meaning of the word - psychosocial, political, religious, etc, without conveniently accepting or rejecting as the situation or circumstances may permit. For example, I have seen where people of mixed races such as Tiger Woods, a famous Golf Player, marginalize his racial identity for the purpose of acceptance by the media and white people. Although his physical characteristics are obviously black and was/is personally subjected to...