Racism From 9/11

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Beaudin, Monique. ? Local Muslims Fear new Hassles.? The Gazette ( Montreal) 28 January 2002. Beaudin describes the fear of more then 100,000 members of Canada?s Muslim community. She gives personal testimony from Canadian Muslims that have received harassment since 9/11.This article gives an international view of 9/11. It gives a detailed account of anti-Muslims resentment north of the boarder. The author wants to get the message across to the readers that the Muslim community in Canada should not be harassed. She uses words like ?ignorance, in-tolerance, and travesty? to portray her message. ?Even though the attack occurred in the United States of America, Muslims globally are feeling the reparations.?( C2, Line 15) Questions that the reader take away from the article are why Muslims in other communities are now targeted as possible terrorist? Has America set up a stereotype that all Muslims are possible terrorist? What should be noted also is that Canada is geographically very close to the U.S.

this may have something to do with why there are similar biases in both countries. This article gave me the impression that it is defending the Muslims community internationally. The article repeatedly made reference to the fact that the majority of Muslims north of the boarder are law-obeying citizens.

Ginsburg, Marsha. ? Shattered dreams; Bricks thrown at a Muslims-owned store drive out S.F. man.? The San Francisco Chronicle. 29 December 2001 Final Edition. This article discusses how the constant and persistent harassment of a Muslim storeowner in San Francisco has forced the man to sell his shop and leave America. ?He isn't holding a grudge against America, he knows the lone man who harassed him is angry or ignorant or both.? (A13, Line 32) Friends and neighbors will miss him, and the article ends with a description...