Racism in Books and Stereotypes.

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Even in today's world, racism and discrimination still appear to be everywhere from stereotypes of African-Americans to the banning of books because of the content. Everyone is equal and is the same but there will always be these "differences" that are constantly mentioned and debated upon. In the article "In a Multi-Coiffeurial Society, This is an Outrage" Froma Harrop mentioned about a school that banned the book called "Snow White" just because it shows a non-blonde as the heroine of the story. Another article called "Brothers, Please, Stop, Just Stop" by Donna Britt describes how African-Americans act and how she is fed up of how they treat one another. Everyone is equally the same and act the same so there should not be any type of racism toward others.

Harrop talks about a school that banned the book called "Snow White" for having a non-blonde heroine. The school's superintendent is suppressing the only black-haired heroine in the 50's and 60's which is depriving dark-haired girls of a role model.

Mostly all of children's books during that time included a blonde hair heroine of the story from Alice in Wonderland to Cinderella. "She is, in fact, one of Disney's more passive heroines." says Harrop. Even though Snow White was black-hair, it didn't mean that she was any less of a heroine. Mr. Zenke actually claimed that he banned the book because of the violence but the violence doesn't even exceed what could be seen on television at the time. This isn't much of a violence issue but more of discrimination that banned the book.. Many books have been banned almost because of the same reason Zenke banned "Snow White". The Qur'an (The Koran) was a holy book about the Islam religion and was banned and removed from several libraries because it...