Radiance (The movie).

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In my essay I wish to discuss in my opinion how the movie Radiance constructed Aboriginality and give evidence as to why I believe this. There is history in the Aboriginals culture which I feel needs to be fully understood to express the true pain and sorrow that is expressed in this movie. I have done my best to understand and interpret my opinions on how this family would have felt dealing with such strong emotions and trying to do this as an aboriginal in a white mans world.

In the movie Radiance it is my opinion that aboriginality is constructed in a way that makes them look weak to the white man. The family is shown as lower class and disliked by people as children throw stones at the roof and a daughter gets raped. Each sister has a weakness, which is popular with aboriginal people today and following is my opinion on each sister.

Cressy is a well-known opera singer but she has had to put a lot of hard work in to get where she is today. Her throat feels as hard as rock, which shows the sacrifice she has had to make to get where she is today. There wasn't a lot of successful Aboriginal singers when she was trying to make it big and she had to prove she had what it took to be as good as and if not better than a white person.

She was taken from her mother and taken to a school of nuns at the tender age of 12. She resents her mother for letting her and her sister go whilst keeping Nona. She felt as though her mother handed her over to the authorities without even giving it a second thought when in fact you find out through...