From Rags to Riches

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From Rags to Riches

Imagine yourself living on the streets, no belongings besides the clothes on your back, torn and dirty. Your stomach aching from borderline starvation, only eating every couple of days. Always being exposed to the weather, to the filth of sleeping where ever it's warm, and dry. Do these living conditions sound pleasant compared to your own? People become upset with not having the name brand clothes that are the current style, or not being able to eat at your favorite restaurant and settling for another. We take so many things for granted, when people would be content with having clothes on their back and a warm meal.

I'll always remember the day October 8, the day I ran into James on my way home from school. We went to school together since the 7th grade. He was a very athletic person; he played football throughout high school and excelled in his academics.

We were pretty close friends, always competing against one another over who did better in school. In our senior year of high school an Army recruiter spoke to us, he explained as if joining the military gave your manhood validity. I didn't even consider the military to be an option, but James being the macho guy he was, signed up without hesitation. Weeks went by, and we both successfully graduated high school, he left for boot camp right away and I left for college. This is where we both started to change. James made friends with the people in his platoon and I made friends with fellow college students. Although we kept in touch, it was obvious we both changed and had different goals in life.

Four years passed, during those four years I spoke to James a mere two times. I was getting...