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Relevant Film or Book Report

Karen A Gill

BSHS/422 Cultural Diversity and Special Populations

September 30, 2014

Sheri Meyer


Relevant Film or Book Report

Team C has chosen to create an assessment and a strategy plan that is culturally competent on the character of Walter Lee Younger from the Play written by Lorraine Hansberry titled A Raisin in the Sun (Hansberry, (1959) 2007). Along with the play that has been published, there have been two film adaptations, one starring Sidney Poitier and one starring Sean Combs, of the play that may also be used by the team members as a reference. The goal is to prepare a plan that will help Walter Lee Younger with his social and psychological needs, and encourage acceptance.


Walter Lee Younger is an African American male in his early to mid- 30's.

He has been married to Ruth for 11 years, and had a son, Travis, who is approximately 10 years old. The Younger family lives on the South side of Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Younger shares an apartment with his wife, his son, his mother, Lena, and his sister, Beneatha; his father, Walter, passed away almost a year ago. The apartment the Younger family lives in has 2 bedrooms, a small kitchen, and a small living room. Two floors of apartments in their building share one community bathroom.

Walter is employed as a chauffeur for a white man, a job that makes him feel like a trained monkey (Hansberry, (1959) 2007). This job contributes to his feelings of inadequacy. He yearns for employment where he can make enough money to support his family, and where he can feel a sense of pride.

Walter has feelings of bitterness, depression, and anger. He...