A Raisin In The Sun

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A Raisin In The Sun Lorraine Hansberry Play A Raisin in the Sun takes place in Southside Chicago between WWI and the present. The setting of the house is very worn out and tired very much like the people living there. In this poverty filled two bedroom apartment lives Mama Beneatha her daughter, Walter Lee Jr. her son, Ruth his wife and their ten year old son Travis. Beneatha and Mama share a room, Walter and Ruth share a room, and Travis merely sleeps on the couch.

The house was a one point well furnished but over time by the weariness of each day in the present it tries to hold on more and more.

The five main characters in a raisin In The Sun are: Lena Younger (mama). Beneatha Younger, Ruth Younger, Walter Lee Younger, and Travis Younger. They all create the Younger family.

Lena Younger referred in the book mostly as Mama is a strong black woman in her mid sixties.

In this play she is the one faced with all of the life changing decisions. Her husband Walter Sr. passed away (the date is never disclosed) now Lena will be receiving an insurance check of ten thousand dollars. But the only problem is that every body has their own idea of how the money should be spent. Everybody has now lost focus of real life issues except for Lena and it is her job to keep everyone in line. But she also has her own choices to make like whether she will send her daughter to Med. School or invest in her son's liquor store or take a trip or buy a house or just divide the money evenly among the family. She has no idea of what to do but throughout the book the ball...