The Rattler

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Great Story: Several Intricate Factors "The Rattler" is a short story about a man who feels he has to kill a snake, but doesn't want to. The snake is challenged with defending himself and avoiding the man. the author uses stylistic techniques in "The Rattler to convey feelings of power and force as well as feelings of remorse and compassion.

The author's diction heightens aggression and force behind the snake and the feelings of regret in the man. The man did not get any pleasure of killing an animal. For example, the only reason he killed him was for the sake of the people around the ranch. After killing him, he put him in the " close green guardianship" in a bush. The snake tempted the man with his "furious signal". The phrase " furious signal" suggests aggression by defending himself. The snake never backed down from the man, and was always strong.

The author's use of words were great, and made tone transitions very well.

The author's detail supplies the reader with a well defined picture of both the snake, and the man. For example, when the snake rattled his tail, he played his "little song of death". The phrase " little song of death " suggests power and aggression because it was like the snake threatining the man. The snake "shook and shook", while the man was trying to kill him. On the other hand, after killing the snake, the man described the scene as "pitiful". The man "did not cut off the snake's rattles" at all. He did not feel proud of killing a living creature. The author gives this story excellent visual potential which adds to the story.

The first person point of view brings the reader into the scene instantly allowing the reader into the sense the tones of force and sorrow. The man states, "I went back to the ranch, got a hoe", and made "an unprovoked attack" against the snake. By these words, the reader can envision the man coming after the snake. For example, he adds, " If I persisted he would take mine if he could". The man dropped the snake in a bush under "close green guardianship". He described the killing quite brief by saying " my hoe and, hacking about, soon dragging him out". With phrases like these, the reader can't help but cognizance the force the man is feeling, and the sorrow he's feeling towards the end. From this first person point of view this story is easy to indicate to different tones from this story.

The author of "The Rattler" has used stylistic methods, detail, and diction to capture his audience in this entertaining short story. By reading this story, it is very easy to visualize what the man is talking about. As far as point of view goes, first person was the way to go. It was good how they distinguished the moods of force and sorrow. Overall, this story had all the right things, which shaped "The Rattler" into a prize piece of literature.