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To be honest, I have never come across someone who does not know what the phrase ?Just do it? advertises. A part of the company, Nike?s, advertising since the introduction of the product in the year nineteen seventy-two, the thirty year anniversary of the company proves that Nike will always be an American symbol of athletics. Usually beginning in grade school, children?s attraction to the shoes and apparel sets a style marker often felt needed to meet. I know that when I was in fourth grade, Nike had become such a large and well-known company that there were discrepancies over whether or not one particular pair was ?more cool? than the other.

Although the sheer amounts of walking advertisements speak for themselves, Nike earns approximately four hundred and twenty seven million dollars a quarter in shoe sales alone. With these enormous profits, Nike has the ability to buy spokesmen and women such as Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm, and Tiger Woods at salaries that equal a small country?s annual income.

The purpose and genuine nature of the company?s beginnings were shown when Nike?s founder once said that ?if you have a body, you are athletic.? Nike is sold in practically every country across the world and even manufactured in countries other than the USA such as Indonesia. I have grown up recognizing Nike as the official outfitting company of the sports industry. In the past, it has dictated my style as well as many of my peers. With a universal reach, almost monopolizing gross income, and mass appeal, it is no secret that Nike is, and will be, a great American icon.