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There has been a growing interest in special education recently. Special education students now can be included into the general education classrooms and this has sparked a lot more literature concerning special education to be written. There are many magazines, books, and journals that are just for special education teachers or professionals that work in the area of special education. An example of just one of the magazines that a teacher could read if they had a student with ADD is ADDitude, which provides information and inspiration for families and adults dealing with ADD. This could be a great resource for teachers to get more information on ADD and then pass it along to the family whose child has ADD. There are also a lot of books out there for special education teachers from dealing with classroom management to explaining transition plans for middle school/high school special education teachers. Teachers can also join the National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) to get the NASET Special Educator e-Journal, which lets teachers know what is current in special education and access to the Practical Teacher, which provides practical tools, strategies, and information that can be used inside the classroom or outside the classroom.

These are just some of the resources that I found for special education teachers and professionals who work in the area.

There are many topics that teachers in special education must know how to read that many regular elementary teachers don't come in contact with. Special education teachers come into contact with a wide variety of information on a daily basis that they must know how to read. A special education teacher may come into contact with test results from the school psychologist that gave one of their students an intelligence test, an IEP for an annual review,