The Reason why spain Invaded Englsnd in 1588

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We are fairly positive, that King Phillip did not wan to rule England, or make English People speak Spanish. Below are the Reasons Why he Invaded England .We know he did not invade England to rule it since he already had enough land in europe. On April 4, 1581 a ship named the Golden Hinde lay at anchor. Francis Drake had just come back from a 3 year voyage of stealing Spanish treasure. He had stolen the equivalent of 5 ½ ( 10 m $ ) million pounds in today's terms worth of silver, jewels and gold, which he had onboard. (more than one year's worth of taxes from all of England at the time). King Philip asked Elizabeth I for Francis Drake to be punished. He accused him of piracy, and insisted that all the treasure be returned to Spain. Instead Queen Elizabeth had Drake knighted. This was a threat to power and reputation of the Spanish empire

King Phillip Was Fighting against Protestant Rebels in The Netherlands And after some time Elizabeth gave in to her protestant advisors.

So she sent a small army of English troops to help the Rebels.

At the beginning of Elizabeth's reign she was very tolerant towards Catholics. But because of the risk of assassination plots she had to become stricter. Elizabeth Then Annoyed the Catholics by making presence to the Church of England compulsory. She Put up the fine for not going to the protestant church from 5p to 5£ which in those days was a lot of money. The fine for going To Catholic Church was 66 £ (a huge amount of Money). Sometimes if Catholic priests were caught, they would be executed.

England had also joined the 80 years war on the side of the united provinces against The Spainish.