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Essay by Canucki September 2007

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This essay talks about the economic effect of this recall and which objects were recalled.

China has been manufacturing many of the products we can buy here in North American. However, recently they had to do a recall due to serious deficiencies affecting our health, which caused an economic impact on China. The problem was that products manufactured in china did not meet the health and safety standards in North America. The main topics of this paper are the defective products and the economic impact of these products.

A lot of toys were recalled this year from China, due to laws established in North America to protect our health. China has been exporting toys that have been containing lead paint. Lead paint is dangerous especially for children's health but also for adults. This paint can cause anemia or it can damage the brain and nervous system, resulting in learning disabilities.

The risk of lead poisoning is greater for children since they are growing and can absorb more of that lead due to the fact that they put these lead paint toys in their mouths. These toys include, Easy-Bake Ovens, Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Sesame Street characters and Dora the Explorer. Not only toys endangered our health but toothpaste, food and tires. In certain toothpastes, manufactured in china, have been containing diethylene glycols (DEG), a poisonous chemical. Many small food makers were using industrial chemicals, dyes and other illegal ingredients in making a range of food products, everything from candy to seafood. The problem with tires is that they're missing a gum strip, which could allow the tire's treads to separate.

The recall of these products has affected China economically. People are beginning to worry about buying products made in china for health and safety reasons. Their confidence...