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I would recommend this book, "Road to Chilifa" to other teenagers in Canada and especially for who immigrated to Canada because the main character of this book named, Karim is someone who just arrived to Canada and this book tells us about how difficult it is when people make fun of people who just immigrated or give them too much attention. Also this book teaches us and reminds us about importance of peace.

First of all, Karim just arrived to Montreal and in first day at school, some of his classmates were very rude to him. One girl called Nancy, she asked him some stupid and rude questions to him such as "I heard Arabs are hot-blooded, is it true?" Karim felt really bad when he heard it. He started to hate his life and he wanted to die. Also his classmates laughed when he didn't know how to talk to the teacher.

He thought people in Canada don't respect older people. So he looked at them with contempt. And his classmates thought he is cute, but then they gave him too much attention and he felt really awful and he wished to be invisible. It can happen to anyone who immigrated to Canada. There is always someone being jerk and make fun of many people, but it is better way to just ignore them.

Secondly, this book talks about peace. The author use great skills to tell us about importance about peace. There is an interesting character in this book. Her name is Maha, and she is very imaginative and loves peace. Her dream of peace was "Animals and people standing quietly together" When she saw a postcard with a picture of two women stand a lion and a unicorn and several small animals, she loved unicorn because it...