Red scare, fear of communism essay. Argues that politicians used the Red Scare to gain power

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Was the Red Scare Bad News for Everybody?

In life, people often use their surroundings to help them progress. In fact politicians may do the same. For instance, during the late 1940's and early 1950's, politicians have used the influence of the Red Scare in order to gain political control. The Red Scare, or fear of communism, was started when other nations were spreading communism throughout the world. Communists like Mao Zedong spread communism and so did the Soviets. Most Americans feared communism and politicians like Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon found ways to utilize that fear and gain political power. Therefore it can be argued that politicians during the 1950's used the Red Scare, Americas fear of Communism, in order to gain power.

The Soviets propelled the fear of communism in Berlin and during the Korean War. In July 1945, Stalin, Truman, and Churchill met in Potsdam where they split up Germany.

Britain, France, and The United States occupied the eastern half and the Soviets, the west. These four nations divided Germany's capital city, Berlin in 4 ways also. Stalin's and Truman's mistrust grew and Truman formed the idea of containment or the restriction of communism to its boarders. In Berlin, the Soviets didn't want Germany to be powerful to ensure Soviet safety and the United States wanted a powerful Germany to help Europe clean up from World War II. In 1948, the United States, France, and Britain formed a currency for western Germany. The Soviets then made their own currency for eastern Germany and all four zones of Berlin. The Soviets also cut off 2 million west Berliners electricity and blockaded them. At this point, Truman had four options, he could force through the Soviet blockade and possibly start World War III. He could give Berlin to Stalin,