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As my teacher told me, Thursday is always a quiet and easy day. We've got the class for 2,5 hours, so it was easier than I expected. It was a bit weird. I did not know if I should get involved and help students or just observe and keep notes.

My first day at school was a bit awkward. I didn't know how to behave, what to say or how to say it. I was very anxious because I didn't know if I should interact with students or I should keep my distances. Fortunately after a while it became clear as my teacher involved me in the whole teaching procedure by telling students that they can also ask me if they don't understand something.

That made me feel very comfortable and I remembered the first day I walked into the classroom as an English teacher in the Foreign Language School I work.

I know that children sometimes make you feel uncomfortable and insecure. But the key is to know how to manipulate them.

From what I have seen, teachers try to keep their distances when there are students in the same place and they talk in a formal way. When they are alone in their office, they have created a very good relationship and they always have fun and play jokes to each other. This happens with the professionals of the specialized lessons.

I think that they have to behave in that way in order to keep the balance. Students should listen to their teachers talking in that way so as not to feel familiar to them and maintain their respect to them. It is very important for the students to see their teachers keeping some distance. That doesn't mean that teachers should be...