Reflection of Angry Men

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Reflection Paper

We Real Cool : From Angry boys to Angry Men

April 10, 2013

After reading "We Real Cool" I have to say Bell Hooks has described every black male that I have known in the past perfectly. I am sad to say unfortunately most of the black men I have known and still know have fit the stereotype; but after reading this I come to some understanding of how and why these men have done what they have, yet is not excusable. I have a better understanding, so I am glad that I had the chance to read this.

One of my favorite readings, Privilege, Power, and Difference; Johnson is one of my references that I have used for most of my reflections. I can understand when a black boy is taught not show any type of feelings, because their dads would punish them. Johnson writes in one of his chapters about the white male being privileged and not knowing any different, well the black men were not so lucky, most of them not having a chance at privilege turns them into a harden man who tries everyday to try to make ends meet, so when they see their young boy crying, the father feels it is his need to toughen him up knowing what his future is.

Johnson has also written "The trouble that surrounds difference is really about privilege power" (Johnson, Alan). The white male likes to ignore the prejudice and continue to enjoy their privilege.

It is a vicious cycle for black males, some are fighting just to keep their heads above water and others are working to become more than what their parents had. It is a constant battle for them. I can understand where this angers them as a boy...