Reflective Practice on an Oncology Ward

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IntroductionDuring the last three months I was allocated into different oncology placements which included amongst others, Wonderland and the Malta Hospice Movement. During these placements I experienced many situations which were related not only to the physical care of patients, but also related to other aspects of care such as psychosocial care. However I had quite an interesting experience which I would like to elaborate on. This happened while I was working at the Malta Hospice Movement. In the next sections a detailed explanation of this experience will be given, using the Gibbs’ Reflective Practice Theory (1988).

DescriptionI was allocated with a social worker during my placement at the Malta Hospice Movement to go with her to visit clients of the Malta Hospice Movement and to see how they are coping with their illness. It was during these visits that I have met this particular situation which I would like to elaborate on.

We went to a sixty-five year old British woman suffering from a lung cancer, who is married to a Maltese gentleman living at Marsascala. During the previous week her husband was admitted into a medical ward suffering from chest pain and therefore she had to stay home by herself as both her children live abroad in the UK. However, she found help from the nephew of her husband and his wife in order to cope with being alone at home; as she needed help in cooking and some other chores she might need to do during the day. She said that the nephew of her husband and his wife are so helpful and that they love them as much as they love their own children. I was left impressed by one thing during this visit, that is, the fact that even if she is diagnosed...