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RELATIONSHIPS There are many relationships that we share in this life. Some are as simple as mother and child and some are more complicated take husband and wife for example. Then there are those in between relationships like friendships, which extend to the different kinds of friendships. Relationships extend past social and family into the work place and other formal environments such as school. There are employee employer relationships as well as student instructor relationships.

Our bonding skills start at birth and often before. We develop the family relationships that often last a lifetime at an early age. Even though we haven't developed our vocal skills yet we know how to relate to our parents and siblings and other family members.

We develop simple relationships at grade school level. Which have expanded to involve peers and teachers, as well as family. These are the early beginnings of most friendships. Although mostly simple friendships these are the years in which most long- term bonds are made.

Middle school and high school brings about new types of relationships such as dating situations and opposite sex friendships, as well as strong instructor student relationships. This is the time in which there is a lot of confusion in relating. The emotions involved with these relationships are often strong and shape a persons taste in mates and friends. The instructor student relationships are often strong during this time, students bond with certain teachers that hold similar morals and interests as themselves.

Becoming an adult brings about many relationship changes among which are dating, marriage, sex, true love, and having a family of your own. Dating is a very complicated process in which one spends time with a person of the opposite sex that they have strong feelings for. If this proves...