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Throughout one's life, many types of relationships are formed. One of the most common types of relationships is with the opposite sex. Many believe that everyone will find a perfect companion, fall hopelessly in love, and live happily ever after. This is absolutely fallacious, in the real world this simply does not happen. Yes, people meet and have decent relationships, but the majority of the time it does not last. Unfortunately, real life relationships don't have that "Romeo and Juliet" jest to them. William Shakespeare portrays a romanticism that just doesn't happen in our day and age. At least one person will have or have a relationship end for one of the following: differences, abuse, growing apart.

Differences are the type of break-up that occurs most often. It may include: divergent life goals; different religions; incompatible personalities, and loved ones who don't approve. Life goals are important to many people.

If one person's goals are completely different than another's and no one is willing to compromise then it is very unlikely that a healthy, long-term relationship can exist. Many times relationships end because of differing religions. It does not matter that the same God is being served, only that the religion is different. Incompatible personalities are just a product of socialization. Many couples just realize that they are too different and things are not working. The last thing is loved ones who don't approve; some people care more about what others think than how they feel. Several relationships end because parents dislike their child's preference in a companion. I personally ended a relationship once because my mom disliked my boyfriend and my mom was more important to me. I really felt the pressure when my mom stopped calling me, and when I called her the coldness in her voice...