The Religion of Scientology

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What is Scientology? Literally, 'scio' means the art or science of knowing in the fullest sense of the word, and 'logos' means 'the study of'. Therefore as a whole, the word 'scientology' means knowing how to know.

Scientology is the only major religion to emerge in the 20th century. The religion emphasizes the specific application of its principles toward the improvement of one's life and the world one lives in.

This applied religious philosophy incorporates a vast body of knowledge developed from certain fundamental truths, such as: Man is a spiritual being with abilities beyond those of which he is usually aware; man is able to achieve new states of awareness he may never have dreamed possible. The intention of Scientology is a world without insanity, without criminals, without war, where man is free to achieve great feats. In the words of Mr. Ron Norton, Professor of Scientology, "This is a practical religion, with practical answers" (Ron Norton, personal communication, June 29, 2005).

Scientologists believe their religion focuses on the individual; the goal is to equip that individual with an understanding of their self and their life, giving him or her the freedom to make improvements where he or she feels they are necessary. Members of this religion see it as a practical system. My research into the religion suggests that it gives believers guidance, allowing them to come to their own conclusions and beliefs. Through Scientology, a diverse array of believers have found success in all aspects of their lives.

There are three criteria which categorize Scientology as a religion: A belief in an ultimate reality; religious practices directed toward understanding, attaining or communicating with this ultimate reality; and a community of believers who join together in pursuing the ultimate reality.

Scientology has no set dogma concerning God that...