Remember the Titans Review

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"Remember the Titans"

"Remember the Titans" is a movie about the social and racial conflicts of the 1970's. The movie is inspired by real events, and examines the relationship between two football coaches, one white and one black, trying to overcome racial differences that tear the whole community apart after an all-white school and an all-black school are united.

The main philosophical theme in this movie is the many different viewpoints the characters have about race and racism. They struggle to accept each others views on the effects their race plays in the society. Each character in the movie has a different meaning and shows how two different things can combine to become one larger and better thing.

First you have the coaches. The head coach is a black man who is a strong minded and hard working man who believes nothing should be handed out in life; everything is to be earned, especially in the black community. The assistant coach is a white man who believes that people need to be treated with respect in order for them to respond and respect you back. The two but-heads in the movie, but in the end get the kid's to respond and also respect them, their teammates, and their community. These two play the most important roles in the movie, getting the passion filled football fans from the two oppositely raced towns to come together respect each other and learn to live in unity with one and other.

Next, you have the two different athletes. The only difference between them is in their race. The two main athletes one who is white and one who is black, play the game with the same level of intensity and with the same desire to win in every situation.