Renaissance through Impressionism.

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Renaissance through Impressionism

Art has taken us through a roller coaster ride in the past. From ancient cave drawings to early architecture, from the "Mona Lisa" to the "Water Lilies", art has gone through so many movements that it is difficult to keep up with. In this paper, I will talk about the eras from Renaissance to the movement of Impressionism. Not only will I talk about the different eras, but some pieces that were involved in the movements.

Renaissance Era: The Renaissance Era ranged from c. 1400 to 1600. It is said that the spark that started the renaissance flame came from a life that lay dormant in Italy. After almost a millennium, the people of Italy came back to life and began to focus more on humanity than focusing on religion. People began to learn more and study the glory of art, and there was a belief in the power of the human being.

In the art, more sculptures and paintings were depicting nude humans. The body had become more of a vessel for pleasure because of the lack of pleasure before the era. Three-dimensional space was the new fad of the renaissance. Sculpture was three hundred and sixty degrees instead of relief sculptures; paintings had a sense of three-dimensional space (Kissick 168-176).

The piece of art that I want to discuss from the Renaissance era is "School of Athens". This piece was done in the high Renaissance era by Raphael, in 1508. This is a fresco, which means that the paint was applied to plaster so it would soak in and dry hard. The "School of Athens" is 26 ft x 18ft in size and it is found in Rome. This piece is a homage of sorts to ancient philosophers with the likes of Plato and...