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For numerous years, it was believed that plants and trees were only able to grow in their natural habitat. Spices including nutmeg and & cloves were as valuable as oil is today's world. In today's society you can find nutmeg & clove plants in many different locations across the world whereas in the mid-eighteenth century these plants were only found in select locations. The spread of nutmeg & clove trees across the globe is greatly responsible because of the perseverance and persistence of one individual.

Pierre Poivre a Frenchman was always close to death. His mission was to smuggle nutmeg & clove plants from the Spice Islands. His will to complete, this mission was tremendous, whereas the Dutch's will to stop him was just as strong. The Dutch at this time, tried to secure their sacred plants & seeds from being stolen and grown else ware. In order to prevent people from growing nutmeg plants the Dutch went as far as to cover the seeds with lime to prevent germination.

However, as we find through out history, man does not stop until he gets what he wants.

One armed Pierre Poivre and his trustworthy clerk friend, Provost set out to the Spice Islands to get their oil. After landing on the island of Miao, they quickly realized that the Dutch had already chopped down any tree of value. Once again, we find an act where man tries to defend their lucrative monopoly.

If it wasn't for the snitch Dutchman, Provost would have never found Gueby. The natives in Gueby disliked the Dutch and liked the Provost. They gave Provost exactly what he wanted. Provost had hit the jackpot; he had found his oil mine! He sailed off with four hundred nutmeg trees, seventy clove trees, and thousands of seeds...