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This report will discuss the state of Kurnell beach and what actions might be appropriate to remedy the problems. Also, the location, its wildlife and appearance of the beach.

Where is Kurnell beach located?

Only the suburbs of Cronulla and Woolooware border Kurnell beach. The suburb is diverse in appearance. The commercial and tourist centre consists of hotels, shops and unit blocks ranging from one storey to high rise with virtually no landscaping. Moving away from the thriving business district, the area becomes predominantly one of low height unit blocks and, further on, houses with pretty tree-lined gardens, some with stunning views over the sheltered waters of Port Hacking and Gunnamatta Bay. Kurnell peninsula is on the eastern side of the Sutherland Shire. Part of Kurnell contains 324 hectares known as the Captain Cook landing place, a part of the Botany Bay National Park which is under the care of the N.S.W

National Parks and Wildlife service. Within this reserve is the old well dug by men of the Endeavour in their initial search for fresh water.

What is found in Kurnell Beach?

Sheer sandstone cliffs dominate the park's dramatic coastline. The low heath and open woodland that characterises Kurnell's vegetation is supported by relatively infertile sandy soils. In spring and summer, spectacular displays of wildflowers on the heath attract a variety of nectar and seed eating birds. Kurnell is without a doubt the most significant historic site to modern Australia. Additionally it adjoins Towra Point Nature Reserve, which is an area of great cultural and natural heritage significance. It is a wetland of international importance.

What is there to do in Kurnell Beach?

In Kurnell there are so many things to see and do. Not only are there safe beaches and swimming, but also fishing, boating,