The Representation of The Media.

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Media can be seen to shape the truth to suit it own needs from this we can gather is there really such a thing as truth? Some Needs of the media depend on factors such as the relentless pursuit of ratings, the longing for reputation and respect and pleasing their superiors/authority. These needs sway how the truth is represented and determine how close to the truth it really is. Though a satire of commercial current affair program, Frontline with episodes such as Add sex and stir and This night of nights and non-fictional programs such as Lateline (18/6/02) and A Current Affair (17/6/02). The view of media needs determining the represented truth will be swayed to you.

The most clear and evident need of media presents itself in the form of ratings, especially in commercial networks where ratings can directly determine funding. The relentless pursuit of ratings commonly bends to form of truth adding ingredients such as sex appeal, sensationalising or concentrated appeal to human interest.

Taking the frontline episode, Add Sex and Stir a main theme in the episode sex appeal is a key to audience interest and ratings. Brooke proposed a story on women's sport but brain is quick scraping it, since it is his belief that it's the natural enemy of ratings.

" This is not a women's sports story, this is a lezzo story"

But by Brooke concentrating on the sexual element, a team member being dropped from the team because she wasn't gay, gives the story new light and appeal to ratings. Already we can see how the representation of the truth has been altered to create good ratings, adding a sex scandal instead of reporting a possible truth that she was dropped for bad form.

Now, further misrepresentation of the truth can be...