Research and Effective Teaching

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Research and Effective Teaching



A classroom is as varied a place as the society that we live in. Classrooms are diverse places based upon the type of teacher occupying it and the students they teach. Each classroom has a wide variety of students with differing types of learning styles. A teacher must be able to utilize their own skills and knowledge to teach all these different learners. This paper will describe one type of classroom.

This classroom is very visually utilitarian and used for teaching many different subject areas. It is used to teach various military courses relating to job duties. The instruction provided is based on the need for students to have a large knowledge base to complete many different job tasks. Some of the subjects taught are more detailed versions of courses already completed by the students.

The students in this classroom are made up of young military members, normally seventeen to twenty-one years of age.

They fall completely into Levinson's description of the early adult transition era of development. This development is made up of two main needs, "…to move out of the pre-adult world and to make a preliminary step into the adult world" (Infed, 2007). Normally these students are making their first foray into a world on their own without parents. Additionally, they will have a joint normative history since "…most people of a given age…all have similar experiences" (Infed, 2007) but, in this case they will also have much in common with their teacher regardless of the age difference. They will have joint societal influences based on the fact that they are all in the military, have completed Basic Military Training and have a similar technical training background. This relationship is not normally seen in classrooms outside of the military. Even though...