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The Sport of Hockey

Ice hockey is a fast paced sport that requires the players to master many skills. Skating, passing, body checking, stick handling, and shooting all emphasize certain skills that are unique to the sport of ice hockey. When these skills are properly executed, the speed and beauty of the game are unmatched by any other sport. Hockey is played all over the world and is the only sport which allows fighting without suspension. It is one of the most popular sports and is contended at many levels.

"A team shall be made of six players on the ice who are under contract to the club they represent" ("USA" 69). All players of each team will be dressed uniformly with approved design and color of their helmets, jerseys, short pants, stockings and skates. Hockey is played on an ice surface known as the rink. The dimensions of the rink should be two hundred feet long and one hundred feet wide but this varies by its country.

The rink is surrounded by a wooden or fiberglass wall, known as the boards. This extends no less than 40 inches and no more then 48 inches above the level of the ice surface. The corners of the rink are rounded in the arc of a circle with a radius of twenty three feet minimum to twenty eight feet maximum. A protective safety glass of sufficient height is designed to separate players form spectators on top of the boards. The goal posts are extended vertically four feet above the surface of the ice and set six feet apart. "Icing the

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puck is not permitted when the teams are at equal numerical strength" ("NHL" sec. 4). Therefore, it is an infraction when a player on his team's side of the...